Hex-Lock Abutment Selection and Preparation Guidelines

Selecting a Hex-Lock Abutment:

  • Determine the size of implant platform.
  • Select the emergence profile that best suits the site being restored.
    The profile should match the Healing Collar and Transfer used.
HLA3 = 3.5mmD (Implant Platform) Hex-Lock Abutment
HLA4 = 4.5mmD (Implant Platform) Hex-Lock Abutment
HLA5 = 5.7mmD (Implant Platform) Hex-Lock Abutment
          /3 = 3.5mmD Wide Emergence Profile
          /4 = 4.5mmD Wide Emergence Profile
          /5 = 5.5mmD Wide Emergence Profile
          /6 = 6.5mmD Wide Emergence Profile

Preparation guidelines:

The abutments have one score line placed 4.7mm above the top of the implant. When using the MHLAS Screw (included with the abutment), the maximum preparation on the abutment is 1mm below this line. If using the taller HLTS2 Screw (sold separately), do not prepare below the score line in order to preserve adequate hex engagement with the screw.


Angled Abutments

The 20° Angled Abutment is a two-piece component that engages the internal connection of the implant. To orient the abutment properly, position the flat surface of the octagon or hex on the implant's fixture mount either toward or opposite the desired direction of the abutment angle.