Healing Collar Selection Guidelines

Selecting a Healing Collar:

  • Determine the size of the implant platform
  • Select the emergence profile that best suits the site being restored. The profile should match the transfer and abutment to be used
  • Select the cuff height so that the top of the component protrudes slightly above the surrounding tissue. The options are 3mm, 5mm or 7mm
HC3 = 3.5mmD (Implant Platform) Healing Collar
HC4 = 4.5mmD (Implant Platform) Healing Collar
HC5 = 5.7mmD (Implant Platform) Healing Collar


HC343 = 3.5mmD (Implant Platform) Healing Collar
4.5mmD Emergence Profile, 3mm Cuff Height
(second digit equals profile, third digit equals height)


The Healing Collars are anodized with color-coding on the lower portion to indicate the implant platform diameter [Fig. A]. The top surface of the Healing Collar is etched with three numbers [Fig. B] to reference implant platform diameter (left), emergence profile diameter (top right) and cuff height (lower right). The numbers for implant platform and emergence profile show only the initial digit of the related measurement. See chart above for full measurements.