Documented Clinical Outcomes:

Cumulative clinical survival rates for 1,553 Tapered Screw-Vent MTX® Implants:

  • Implant survival rate mean 98.7% (range from 95.1% to 100%)
  • Follow-up times range from 3 to 120 months (mean = 36.4 months)

Clinical Flexibility:

Each of the TSVTM Implant’s crestal configurations is designed for crestal bone and tissue maintenance.

Designed for Primary Stability:

Primary stability achieved by using Tapered Screw-Vent Implants enables immediate placement and/or immediate loading in appropriately selected patients.

  • The proprietary internal hex connection, utilized with Zimmer Dental’s friction-fit abutments, has been documented to shield crestal bone from concentrated occlusal forces.

Proprietary Platform PlusTM Technology

  • Zimmer’s proprietary friction-fit internal hex connection is a unique combination of designs that has been shown to create favorable conditions for bone level maintenance.